Saturday, November 04, 2006

Two-Timing Addict

I arrive home late from work after yet another long day.  I am bleary eyed as I pull into the garage and make my way up to the apartment.

Thankfully Mom has supper holding for me, so that my free time is not wasted on preparing a meal.

After a day of fielding questions, attending meetings, long drawn out conversations with peer on how to avert day-to-day disasters, I yearn for some mindless recreation.

I am entitled to that.  I work hard and I don't think I should feel guilty one little bit.

It's the obsession, that at times, causes me to question how far I will go to satisfy it? 

It already pushes me to rush through the daily small talk with Mom and Daughter, so that I can excuse myself and get down to what I really want to do.

Is that wrong?  Should I be seeking professional help?

It's not like the two strangers or my friend in Ottawa knew what was going on!  Discretion is something that is not used enough these days, it seems.  Nobody was hurt because of my addiction. 

In reality, because of this obsession and my ability to multi-task, I actually gave of myself to three different people and therefore, unselfishly made a difference in their day, plus satisfied my voracious craving all at the same time.

But the best part was that I actually won BOTH of the simultaneous backgammon games while maintaining a chat with Ottawa friend!

I'm proud!  That my friends is an example of multi-tasking at it's best.

But I cannot take all the credit for being a master of multi-tasking.  Some of it should go to the inferior chat option in the "XP Internet backgammon" game that allowed me to appear present by occasionally choosing varied text from a drop down menu.  Secretly though, I was really concentrating on the other game I was playing in Shockwave.  It has a normal chat feature that you can utilize in between the timed moves. 

My patient Ottawa friend, who I was chatting with in messenger, should also be thanked for waiting longer than normal for my responses...but truth be known, he was multi-tasking too.